Sponsors of the First Annual Sebastian Lionfish Fest!

Collingsworth Law is proud to announce its official sponsorship of the First Annual Sebastian Lion Fest!

Produced by the Indian River County Public Worts, the event’s purpose is to educate the public on the critical threat that the invasive lion fish poses to the eco-system of our local waterways. The event is May 14th, 2016, at Captain Hiram’s in Sebastian, Florida.

The Sebastian Lionfish Fest is a two-part event, including a fishing tournament and cook-off. If you’re not into spearing fish, be sure to at least participate in the live event at Capt. Hiram’s. An educational workshop will be conducted to teach participants about the threat of the invasive lionfish, and individuals will learn about ways in which they can contribute to the cause. Most importantly, there will be a cook-off between various Brevard restaurants featuring their best lionfish recipes (I haven’t yet tried lionfish, but am excited to try it for the first time at the event!). The crowd will vote on the most delicious recipe to crown a cook-off winner.

Having lived on and enjoyed the Indian River Lagoon for the majority of my life, I know exactly how valuable Brevard County’s unique eco-system and environment is to the community. It defines our lives here, and without, where would be? That’s why it is especially critical to support local conservation efforts aimed to protect our precious natural resources.

As a personal injury attorney, I know first-hand that some harms just cannot be undone. Money may help with the coping, but it can’t rewind the clock and eradicate what damage has already been done. In this case, it is critical to do everything we can to prevent further injury to our lagoon and surrounding environment. Let’s eat some Lionfish!

If you would like to participate in or sponsor the Sebastian Lionfish Fest, visit them at their website, sebastianlionfishfest.com.

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