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E-cig Battery Explosion: It Happened to Me

Well, I finally won the metaphorical lotto. Last week, I joined the ranks of the “1 in a million” that experienced a vape or e-cig spontaneously exploding. This is my story and precautionary tale. How My E-Cig Exploded in My Hand After getting my shiny new iPhone7, I was heading home down Riverside Drive in […]

Pokemon Go Accidents

The location-based, augmented reality game is everywhere, and Central Florida is no exception. Try walking a block in downtown Melbourne without crossing paths with a gang of pokeball-hurling gamers. You can’t.

Distracted Driving: The Issues, Laws, and Solutions

When we’re driving, we are all distracted. Whether it’s by the radio, the passing scenery through the window, our phones, or even just our own thoughts. And it’s nothing new. Distracted driving has been a leading force in causing car accidents since the inception of the automobile. These days, however, distractions are more prevalent than […]