Considerations in Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

There’s no shortage of large personal injury law firms that have a presence here in the relatively small town of Melbourne, Florida. You see the commercials on television, hear the ad spots on the radio, and see the billboards on our local highways. These personal injury law firms have been around for a long time. They are experienced, well-known, and have a process in place that is designed to produce a favorable result for their clients. However, there are many other things to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney that these ads never seem to mention.

Communication With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people don’t take into consideration the type of communication they will have with their legal team when selecting a personal injury attorney. With some larger personal injury firms, your case could be seen through from start to end without you ever meeting or even speaking to your actual attorney. A case manager or administrative assistant will provide you occasional updates on your case, and this is often done through the mail. Are you alright with only having indirect communication from your lawyer about your pending case? If not, it may be wise to seek counsel from a smaller law firm or solo practitioner.

  • Are you okay with not corresponding directly with your injury attorney?
  • Does a “hands-off” approach appeal to you in a situation in which your livelihood may depend?
  • How complex is the potential litigation arising from your injury claim?
  • If your case is likely to go to trial, how will legal costs and fees be covered?

Experience of the Injury Lawyer that’s actually handling YOUR Case

In most cases, the lawyer you see on the television ad or billboard isn’t going to be the attorney that’s personally handling your case. The law firm may boast of years of experience and list off million dollar verdicts, but typically, you can expect a young associate and/or paralegal to do most of the leg work on your case.

The Vast Majority of Personal Injury Cases Aren’t Million Dollar Paydays

The average personal injury settlement is nowhere near a million dollar payout. However, some cases arise that are immensely complex in both legal and technical issues. It is these types of cases that may involve large sums of money; often because the injury is either fatal or catastrophic, while diagnosis of the injury requires strict medical scrutiny and/or the proximate cause of the injury is in question. In these rare events, sometimes a single injury lawyer will not have the resources available to handle your case without alone. In this circumstance, having an injury lawyer with the resources of a large law firm at their disposal could be an advantage. On the other hand, a smaller law firm or solo practitioner does always have the option to bring outside counsel on board, whether it be the aid of another attorney, or the support of a large firm.

Costs of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis. This means that the client doesn’t pay the lawyer unless he or she successfully reaches a settlement or positive verdict. In this case, the attorney is paid out of the funds awarded to the client. Typically, Florida personal injury attorneys collect 33% of this sum. However, there are many other legal costs and expenses that are not handled the same way by all Florida injury law firms. Costs for things like conducting depositions, creating trial exhibitions, court filing fees, and attaining medical records and police reports can quickly add up, especially if the case goes to trial. Be sure you understand how your injury attorney will collect these fees. Some lawyers require the client to pay for these costs as they arise; others will add these fees onto their final percentage of your judgment or settlement.

Results Matter

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, the biggest concern on the mind of most individuals is probably getting results from their case. It’s important to keep in mind that, just because a lawyer reached a huge settlement for another client, it doesn’t mean they can or will attain a similar result for you. No one can predict the future, and there are few guarantees in life. This is why it’s a good idea to meet an attorney, discuss your case, and only hire them if you feel comfortable placing your future in their hands.

Why Collingsworth Law?

At Collingsworth Law, our Melbourne, FL, practice is small, but each and every client that comes through the door is huge. We don’t judge a case by the potential dollar value, but by its importance to the client. We ensure that every client has access to fluid communication, directly with their injury lawyer, John Collingsworth.

  • Direct communication with and direct access to your lawyer
  • No case is bigger or more important than your own
  • An aggressive advocate that will always put 100% behind his words and your representation

Collingsworth Law does not boast decades of experiences, lists of million-dollar settlements, or an elaborate office of mahogany and marble; but our firm will work as hard as any to see that you attain just compensation for your injuries and are satisfied with our representation throughout the legal process. If you or a loved-one has been injured and think you may be entitled to compensation, please call us for a free consultation today at (321) 222-0234.

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